Payment Terms - Dalon Cosmetics

Payment terms

  • Cash on delivery free of charge: When you choose cash on delivery, you will have to pay for the     products of your order upon delivery to the location you have declared, paying the price to the courier. COD is valid for amounts up to € 499, while based on law 3842/2010 from 23.12.2016 from € 500 and above, transactions between individuals-consumers and businesses (for the sale of goods or services) must be done exclusively with the use of card payment or other electronic means of payment.
  • By credit card. For purchases made by credit card, the customer should follow the instructions found in this online store. In the order form he will find, he will have to fill in the number and the expiration date of his credit card. Credit card will be charged upon verification and certification of the data and its validity.Customer is solely responsible for the correct recording and authenticity of his credit card details. Debit card payment is made in the same way and with the same instructions. To ensure the absolute security of electronic transactions through credit cards, they are made through the security system of Eurobank Bank, which is based on the international transaction protection company (GLOBE SSL), which supports a secure transaction environment.
  • By bank deposit in the following accounts:

National Bank: Serafeim Laboratories SPPC. Account number: IBAN GR7601101090000010944040848

Eurobank Bank: Serafeim Laboratories SPPC. Account number: GR3802601820000870200813429

Please, in the reasoning of the deposit, mention the order number and your name so that your order can be identified. In case of deposit of the amount from a bank other than the associates of the company Serafeim laboratories SPPC, a period of 2-3 days is required (depending on the banking organization) until the deposit amount appears.