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Conditioner For All Hair Types

Conditioner with keratin and shea butter for all hair types. With ingredients that soften, moistu..

4.50€ Ex Tax: 4.50€

Hair Color Mask Black

Ηair mask for semi-permanent black color. With abyssinian oil and shea butter, ingredients t..

7.60€ Ex Tax: 7.60€

Hair Loss Care Box

Hair loss care box. Specialized products with ingredients which tone the hair and improve sc..

14.99€ Ex Tax: 14.99€

Hair Oil

Hair oil with argan, almond, avocado,olive jojoba oils for shiny silky hair. With ingredients tha..

6.40€ Ex Tax: 6.40€

Hair Serum with Keratin

Hair serum with keratin proteins. With ingredients that strengthen hair while adding natural shin..

7.60€ Ex Tax: 7.60€

Hair Μask Repair

Hair mask with keratin proteins and valuable plant oils (abyssinian oil, argan oil, avocado oil, ..

6.40€ Ex Tax: 6.40€

Prebiotic Micellar Hair Loss Care Foaming Lotion

Specially designed foaming lotion with micelles and prebiotics enriched with amino acids and laur..

12.70€ Ex Tax: 12.70€

Shampoo For All Hair Types

Shampoo enriched with keratin proteins and ingredients that refresh, moisturize and nourish ..

4.50€ Ex Tax: 4.50€

Conditioner For Colored Hair

Hair conditioner color protection with keratin and shea butter, for dyed hair. With ingredients t..

5.10€ Ex Tax: 5.10€

Hair Color Mask Brown

Ηair mask for semi-permanent brown color. With abyssinian oil and shea butter, ingredients that h..

7.60€ Ex Tax: 7.60€

Hair Oil Sun Care

Hair oil for use during exposure to sunlight. Contains keratin proteins, Αbyssinian oil & vit..

6.90€ Ex Tax: 6.90€

Hair Serum with Silk

Hair serum with silk proteins. With ingredients that repair, moisturize and provide natural shine..

7.60€ Ex Tax: 7.60€

Shampoo for Colored Hair

Color protection shampoo enriched with keratin proteins and ingredients that nourish and rep..

5.10€ Ex Tax: 5.10€

Silver Hair Mask

Hair mask designed to neutralize undesired yellow tones that appear on gray, white or platinum ha..

7.60€ Ex Tax: 7.60€

Hair Color Mask Copper

Ηair mask for semi-permanent copper color. With abyssinian oil and shea butter, ingredients that ..

7.60€ Ex Tax: 7.60€